About KORE

Of all the different types of racing there is none as punishing as desert racing. An off road vehicle take more abuse across one race than most street vehicles take in their lifetime. This is why KORE utilizes our race program to vet any and every part we intend on selling. A race vehicle is only as good as it’s weakest link, a single failure can mean disaster on the course. We know that whether you plan on racing your truck or just use it as a daily driver, quality matters. All of KORE parts are held to the same grueling standards as the parts we run with our race crews.

KORE offers direct OEM fit suspension and lift kits for late model Dodge applications. Because our parts are forged in the crucible of racing you can install them knowing they’ll take anything you throw at them. KORE has been setting the industry standard for Lift Kits and Suspension performance parts for the better part of 20 years.