Baddest Minotaur For Sale

class 8 race truck

Race Ready Minotaur

Currently registered as SCORE Trophy Truck #12. One of the fastest Baja race trucks ever built. It has won every SCORE race at least once. Legal for either Class 8 or TT in SCORE, BITD and SNORE. In the 2015 Baja 1000, it finished mid pack in Unlimited. This truck is beautifully fabricated. The frame is fully painted and all parts are extremely strong and reliable, requiring very little prep. 900+ HP V10 motor. Has all the best parts:

  • 4.5 inch Fox shocks
  • Culhane trans
  • Jamar brakes
  • Baja Designs lights etc.

Operating cost is very low. It’s a fast, versatile race car for a team that wants to race multiple classes. Prepped and ready to race Baja 1000. Photos are current. Was also featured in the new series “Driving Dirty”.

Email or call 760-855-1219 for more info.


2006, Dodge Ram in San Diego, CA.
  • class 8 race truck
  • dodge ram power
  • dodge ram baja ready
  • minotaur race truck rear view